New cigar pouch I made with some left over oil-tanned leather from a ladies clutch project.  It is has a nice pebbled texture and is very pliable and soft.  This design is exactly based off my other cigar pouches and the only difference is the wrap around strap is shorter.  This pouch actually holds a lot more cigs and matches/cutter.  For sale at my etsy shop.

Eclisp T-Shirt Design: Liberate the Istli from the Tona-Tiuh!

Liberate the Istli from the Tona-Tiuh!

Total Solar Eclipse is happening twice in the year 2017 and 2024.  Apparently the crossing paths of the moon and sun center line of totality intersect over Cedar Lake near Carbondale, Illinois.  I have seen a lot of hippie-type designs printed up for The Eclipse memorabilia that I found boring and cliche.  I wanted to create a design that had some meaning and cultural significance.  Something that gets peoples attention, asking questions.  How about a hand holding a bleeding heart that has been cut out for a sacrifice to the sun?  Perfect.

Aztec Sacrifice
sourced from Wikipedia

A great deal of cosmological thought seems to have underlain each of the Aztec sacrificial rites. The most common form of human sacrifice was heart-extraction. The Aztec believed that the heart (tona) was both the seat of the individual and a fragment of the Sun's heat (istli). To this day, the Nahua consider the Sun to be a heart-soul (tona-tiuh): "round, hot, pulsating".[18] In the Aztec view, humanity's "divine sun fragments" were considered "entrapped" by the body and its desires:
Where is your heart?
You give your heart to each thing in turn.
Carrying, you do not carry it...
You destroy your heart on earth
— Nahua poem[19]

They are right in a way.  The sun is our source of energy and life.  What a way to give back to the sun to ensure more fuel in the future and to please the gods. They were definitely onto something but to cut out a captured slave/enemies heart and perform this gruesome sacrifice is a little extreme.  I guess cutting out your own heart would be extremely difficult/painful and would be the ultimate sacrifice really. Life is a struggle in itself that requires self discipline and sacrifice to meet our own goals. If nothing else this shirt will open up many conversation possibilities and a way to troll the sheep.

I might have a short run of these printed in the near future for sale. Stay tuned.

The Hateful 8: Leather Tool Rolls

The Hateful 8. 

All handcrafted leather tool roll in collaboration with ShowNoMercy crew. All black with vintage nickle hardware and hand-stitched with Ritza Tiger thread from Germany. Adjustable straps that designed for strapping the roll to your motorcycle.

Built to last and very durable.  They should age nicely with wear, grease, oil and sweat. 

Leather Monkey Fist

I decided to start offering the monkey fist with the leather braided chain for biker type wallets at my esty store since I received a good amount of positive feed back on them. The picture above was taken by a a satisfied customer.  After the success of the Innovator Wallets, I am riding the tire with this one.  The fist has a 1" chrome ball bearing inside and the leather braid is made out of a nice Kodiac lace.  I make these at 14" in length and they are easy to attach to your belt loop or any type of D-ring.

Biker Wallet with Monkey Fist and Moleskin Cahier

For The Creators, Dreamers, Writers and Destroyers. 

Coming Soon with collaboration with Show No Mercy Crew:
14" Braided leather chain
Leather wrapped Monkey Fist that holds a 1" ball bearing
Moleskin cahier with stainless steel Zebra fine-point pen.

I have been working on this line for a few weeks nailing down the design, template and process.  A lot of thought goes into a piece like this when you are balancing aesthetics and function.  There has been a learning curve working on this piece that has added more skills under my belt furthering bettering myself. I have learned to braid a 4-strand chain and weave a monkey fist knot! This wallet highlights the best of my current skills and old.  I am using nice high end lace for the chain and latigo leather for the monkey fist.  I am also using the infamous Ritza Tiger Thread from Germany for the stitching.  The moleskin (genuine) and Zebra f-301 pen will come with the wallet secured by a loop (not pictured) down in the center of the wallet.  This will be one for legends on the road of destruction. 

Leather Tool Roll

Finished up this tool roll after a few setbacks.  I have a few adjustments in mind but nothing major.  I wanted a nice looking functional piece that was all hand constructed with little parts/hardware.  I think I am actually going to loose the button stud and figure out a different way of closing that flap.  Perhaps a interlocking strap of some sort that ties off. 

I used a nice pull up leather that is really cool, it is distressed and has an antiqued look to it.  It is also really pliable with is a must for a tool roll.  I also used the thinnest veggie tanned leather I had for the two inside flaps.  There are actually two pockets, the one with the flap enclosure and one directly behind where you could store paper work or whatnot.  Sewing it off wasn't ascetically pleasing for me when viewing the outside of the roll.

I posted this one for sale on at my etsy shop hesitantly, partly because the straps are too long and I need the piece to refer to for making the next one.  I will write down the process and I do have a templates made. 

I am currently in the process of making a second one with the new adjustments and a different color contrast.  I am going to vinagroon the veggie tan leather flaps and straps.  So it will be black and grey (whatever the color of the pullup leather is).  This piece is also all hand-stitched which took a bit.  This is probably the largest and complex leather piece I have done to date.  Feels good to see how my skills have developed and all the techniques I have learned come together in nice large piece.

And one more thing, this roll holds a good amount of tools if need be. 

Open: 18" x 10 1/2"
Folded: 10 1/2" x 5 3/4"

1" - 4 total
1 1/4" - 1 total
1 1/2" - 1 total
2 1/2 - 2 total

3/4" Straps:

I used two types of leather:
Antiqued, Distressed Pull Up 3/4 oz leather ( this is really cool leather)
Veggie tanned leather dyed with a traditional saddle tan color

Hand-Stitched Brown Waxed Thread

Antiqued Brass Hardware

Shove It T-Shirts Now Available


The new reprint of these are now available for purchase!  They have been printed on better quality t-shirts and best part, they were printed by a locally owned shop.

12" wide black ink printed on:

Gildan 100% Cotton T's

Mini Leather Wallets

I have 3 mini wallets available at my etsy store!

Don't want to carry a stuffed wallet that feels like a loaf of bread in your back pocket?
Theses wallets are a great option for minimal carry of your cash/credit. I actually carry about 6 cards in mine with a few bucks tucked away.

3" High x 4"wide
1/4" Thick!
Veggie tanned Leather
Black with grey thread
Range Tan with cream thread
Bison brown with black thread