Cassette Tape Art

Well, its the new year and times roll by fast. Sometimes creativity flows and other times it feels like squeezing blood out of a stone! It's been awhile since I have posted an entry, I have been working on a million projects(many not yet done) in the last month. I was hit with some inspiration that has consumed my evenings for the last two weeks and would like to share with you.

Every year I try to do a piece of art to enter in the silent art auction for the WDBX Ball fundraiser. I always try to design art off of the theme of the ball and have fun with it. This years is the House of Da Blooze. I had two cheesy ideas brewing in my head then it hit me! A cassette tape art of Tawl Paul! Well, actually I thought about imaging Stevie Ray Vaughan since I really am not into blues music and he is the closes artist to it that I like.

Awhile back I saw some artwork done by an artist that I thought was fairly neat. I kept it in the back of my mind as something that I might refer to or try the technique myself later on. He had used this cassette tape idea but his was very simple line work. Anyways, he had a link to another artist IRI5 which you should definitely check out! This guy is phenomenal. IRI5 really took this art to a new level and I thought I would try it out since it is so bad ass. He might have started this new technique?? I decided after starting a Stevie Ray Vaughan (test work) that I would use Tawl Paul since he is a local blues musician and is a legend down here in little ol' C-dale. He also pretty cool and a hell of a nice guy! I think the people bidding at the auction will get a kick out of this work. Oh, yeah, he is also playing at the ball! Double whammy!

Let's move on to the work involved here. First, I needed a pic of Tawl Paul for reference and this isn't as easy as it seems. The only thing I could get my hands on with the time I limited my self to was a newspaper pic. Yuck! But, confident in my skills, I proceeded. I actually started this project only 2 weeks ago and I need to have this piece entered by this Friday!! So I scanned the newspaper pic at high rez of 1000! Then in Photoshop, I used the pic as a template to draw the outline/silhouette of Tawl Paul. This is harder than one thinks! You must capture the essence of the subject in minimal shapes and lines. It should be recognizable but yet flow. Also it will be makes this project a lot easier that way!

Here is what I came up with.

I took the printout and used a light table to draw out the basic outline of Paul. This allowed me to clean up and smooth out the lines. I then taped this outline drawing onto the matte board I was going to use for gluing of the actual cassette tape to. I drew over the outline again pressing the image to the board. This way I didn't have pencil lines on the actual piece peaking threw the tape. Here's the beginning of the piece. I used rubber cement (a lot easier than glue stick which I found out on my SRV test print) outline brush (to apply the rubber cement), scissors, xacto knife, and patience!!!

This project came out pretty good for my first time, it required a lot of patience and skill. I had to glue, let it dry and cut every 10 mins. It was really time consuming. I think it paid off though. Hopefully I get high bids on it and bring the local radio station some money!! All I have left to do is mount it in the Shadow Box I purchased. Let me know what you think!!!

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