Ron Paul Poster 2012

I don't like to post anything political in nature on my blog but I had to design and draw up a poster for RON PAUL 2012. Vote Ron Paul and restore our great country. End the Fed, End the Wars and we can pave a new path for the U.S.A. which will lead to true liberty and freedom. Ok, I am done with my endorsement! haha

I used a wacom tablet and drew his profile out in Photoshop and tentatively inked it. Once I had something close to what I liked I saved the file. I then brought the drawing into Illustrator where I preceded to vectorize the art and ink in the colors. Add some text and wah lah.

Hopefully all enjoy and I don't get put on the governments terrorist list for supporting Dr. Paul!!!


  1. Great job. I love it. I'm thinking about creating a poster for Ron Paul as well. So far in my findings, your poster is definitely the best designed. Bookmarked.

    1. Thanks Duffy, I really wanted a design that would standout from the rest. I think a lot of the posters out there aren't that great.